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We Love to Reward our Customers

We  have prepared a system of rewarding for those who are loyal customers,

That is why we have put a system of membership id number, we call it a “Loyal Reward”

What is a Loyal Reward ?

A Loyal reward is a part of our services that rewards our best customers, This royal reward works nd given to our customers by 10 numbers as a code number that allows our customers  to have access to our loya reward customer page account where you can see all your purchases and points.this Loyal reward will only made online on our web site and only by request of the customer,no fee , it is for free. it contains numbers and letters,the aime of this Loyal reward is to reward to our Loyal clients by accumulating points in each of their purchase.How to became a Member of a Loyal customer inorder to get the advantages of the Membership?

You can simply ask our support service by email by making a very clear demande and fill all empty fields corectly by answering the right answers.then send it to us NB.”becarefull dont forget your password” ,we will make your Loyal reward as quickly as possible and we will send it to your email adress to your email adress we have been recieved when you made the request.

Who is a Loyal Customer

The one who ask to own the Loyal card number. and eveyone can ask for this Loyal card even with out purchasing anything so then you can ue it for your next time you want to is free and no need charge or put any balance or amount on see you balace you our mobile application or you can login to your account.

How does this Loyal reward works ?

At each time of your  purchase (cash pass) you will accumulate some points, these points will be available with in 24 hours and in   the time of sale also,

How can you use your Loyal reward points ?

The terms of use your Loyal reward is very clear,when you want to purchase a product you have to prepare the Loyal reward number then the only thing you have to do is to fill the royal rewar space and put your code before you pay anything then  your Royal reward will be activate then you can use it.

More informations to know about using the Loyal Reward points                

The very important thing is just to know that how many points you have accumulated in your Loyal reward, after this know also if  the price of the product is equal ,less or more than to the points accumulated you have. the details of converting the points to money is written in your first email the very important thinhs to know is if the price of the product you want to buy exeeds  the royal reward’s points you have accumulated, so then  you are going to add the amount needed.


And you can purchase the product of our parteners you see them in on our pages, we have also put a system that facilitate your shopping and economy for your time, we engaged with our partners like Amazon, Ebay, sharesales and other so if you want to see other product inorder to have more choices,dont worry we have put an easy way you just click in the Amazon or other links of our partners you dont want to log out from here and go login overther, don’t worry,we prepared for that those links you saw them around,so if you feel to go to to see something else around the product or not dont hesitate to click and see what it is overthere  and know that you are free and have a right to do so, then go and purchase it from them we are not going to cost you for that, we want to assure you the price is exactly you are not going to pay even one peny more,it is the same price as overthere so dont worry about that.

We are here to give you a better quality of service welcome to your online shop..if you have any question feel free to contact us by email to our customer service email:- or you can call us a telephone. and dont forget to your review help us alot and it is very important for us to know our best services and quality and also help us to improve our futures services so please leave us your comment.

Enjoy your shopping.

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