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My Story restarted the day I met back the internet e-marketing in 2017, after getting my basic diploma of word, excel and windows, etc. in 1999…I was away for some year because of the problems in life and start working different kinds of jobs such like Construction, in Agriculture works, Plumb, Electricity, painting which I loved it. I love fixing electronics.

My Hobbies

I do love play and watch football, I watch box fighting often, I love swimming and ride bike cycle, reading my bible, listening gospel songs.I was away for some year and worked in different kinds of jobs such like Construction, in Agriculture works, Plumb, Electricity, painting which I loved it. I always love and enjoy challenges and find the best solution.
Then back in 2017 I got some basic courses of web developing, designing and marketing course.

Then my dreams start coming out and pushing some more ideas of working online.I start moving towards marketing online business such as EBay, Amazon, etc.
Until the day I decide to have my own web site and online business.


I have the compassion of helping people within my heart. And I love to help peopleI have a pleasure and joy when I help people, And I know there are so many people in our planet they are seeking a help from some one like I was looking that help but now I am in a better place to help some one, So I am ready to help for those who are in need, Those who don’t know where to go and whom to meet and this who nee a word of encouragement and hope.
So I can be a guide towards the light! I want to be that person who helps those who are in need my helpAnd professionally there are some people They are doing something they are not compassionate and not productive in it, And they are doing something just by obligation of life, inorder to live thay have to eat inorder to eat they have to work so they haven’t other choice.

But they can be more productive if they meet their hearts desire and compassion job.But now they are doing something which is not in their heart, And they know that they can be more productive if they do something they love. 

And they know that they have a great potential in side them, So if they just meet someone to guide them and lift them up they can do so many helpful things to themselves, to their family and to our society. Because I know that feeling and I have experienced that when I got a help from someone, So I love to help and see that person’s joyful feeling, That I felt the day that I got someone to help me to meet my dreams job which is working online and be productive to the society.

Using internet I would love to give a hand & help people. I am so glad to have that chance and opportunity. Yes I do I love to see the feeling of happiness and joy! Because I know that feeling and I have experienced that when I got a help from someone while I need a help, So I love to help and see that person’s joyful feeling, That I felt the day that I recieved a help that means to me and that help is still in my memories and my heart until this day.


The goal of my site is first to fulfill my dream and succeed my online business, and to give and full informations of about my online services which are very usefull for someone. because that is my joy to help those who are suffering and giving them a solution and exit from their suffer.

 And I love to fulfill my dream by creating the best online marketing business to make life easy at least to someone who connects online and searches some online services. I know I can be a good instrument of the internet for those who connect online and looks some informations for their health or products to purchase.

I love to give a be0st online services. It is very clear that hundreds of people even more than that connect each second to find an information and online services to purchase.

So using my site I am going to give a very good service and informations that my customers need, So they can have the informations they need and possibilities of purchase they products they need. 

As we all know that most of us, We use our mobile and tablet devices to connect and get online services, So I love to give the best online services as much as possible.

In this 21’s century technology is giving us and allowing us to has an amazing internet services by using the power of the internet, and giving us to do great online services through, So I love to take advantage of this technology and try all my best to serve online users as much as possible.

If anyone ever needs a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave me a message below and I will be more then happy to help you out.

Thanks and God Bless you


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